Teen Karate in Billerica

The Ultimate Teen Karate Program in Billerica!

Teen Karate Classes are Billerica's best workout for teens who want to improve their health, fitness, and relationships while meeting new people. The best part? In addition to having a blast, you will have peace of mind knowing that your children are developing self-defense techniques that will keep them safe and protected while they are developing vital self-defense techniques.

Besides learning the appropriate skills and moves, your child is sure to have a blast! Your teen will be coached and taught by our experienced and trained instructors not only in karate but in everything they do.

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Why Choose Teen Karate Classes?

The Dojo - Billerica will make your teen feel at home. Teens can develop confidence, focus, and teamwork skills in a safe and comfortable environment. Teen Karate Classes are also great workouts and help teens learn real-life self-defense. Our team gives youths the opportunity to practice athletics, learn life skills, and become the best they can be from Billerica to nearby Chelmsford and Lowell!

Our Teen Karate Classes provide

  • Improved focus and attention.
  • Improved body awareness and movement.
  • Better overall health and fitness.
  • Decrease in stress levels.
  • And so much more!

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Just fill out the short form below to get started!

All ages can benefit from martial arts training. You can release your energy through it. Additionally, learning Martial Arts will help you achieve fitness, core strength, self-improvement, and self-defense.

Why Martial Arts is Beneficial


Our Self Defense Program can help you achieve fitness, self-improvement, or self-defense goals. Beginners can learn self-defense with our easy-to-follow curriculum while embracing their inner strength.

As a martial art, martial arts can be adapted to suit anyone. In just a few sessions, you'll be able to defend yourself regardless of your size or experience. The rest of the process is just pure intensity, exercise, and self-development.


Martial arts classes involve intense cardiovascular exercise. Your cardiovascular health will improve if you practice martial arts. Additionally, high-intensity training improves fitness, which lowers blood pressure and heart rate.


Martial arts help you increase cardio-vascular health, increase core strength through functional exercises, improve posture, and relax your body and mind.

If you take karate lessons, you can actually improve and overcome some perceived physical or age bounds.

You get a complete, total-body aerobic workout when you practice martial arts. By engaging in this training, you are utilizing a tremendous amount of physical energy. As a result, you will gain strength, balance, flexibility, and stamina as you devote yourself to the discipline. Additionally, martial arts moves cross the midline of the body, which increases proprioception and brain function.

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Our programs combines a self-defense curriculum along with a rigorous workout designed to

  • Self Defense For Any Situation.

  • Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Rate.

  • The Workout of a Lifetime.

  • Improve Your Mental Stamina.

  • Build cardiovascular endurance.

  • Shed Pounds Off Your Waistline and Tone Your Muscles.



My son Cameron started at The Dojo in October and I can’t say enough about the amazing experience he has had in these 3 months! Cameron’s confidence level has improved tremendously, he can focus on what is asked of him and he is having fun!!! He started off attending once a week and now he comes to all the classes and even goes early to help be a positive role model for the younger children! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Dojo! You won’t be disappointed!

-Kathy Paris

Steve DiOrio is a fantastic teacher who has integrated all of the martial arts knowledge he has accumulated over the years into effective training. He makes his classes fun while you learn more than you thought you could in an hour. If you are looking for the best teacher around, you have found him!

-Dr. Janine Pulley

We as parents decided to have our daughter try karate. After meeting with Steve we decided his teaching style, skills and experience would be the best fit. Not only has my daughter gained extensive karate skills but most importantly she has gained self confidence. She is well equipped to stick up for herself in any situation and has the confidence that she can defend herself if she needed. I am forever grateful to The Dojo!

-Melissa Colon


Our Award Winning Children's Martial Arts is designed to develop the hidden potential of our members. to become Champions in Life!


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